Students attend New Beginnings daily.  They are instructed in personal hygiene, daily living skills, pre-academic, and pre-vocational training. We employ staff from the Slum of Kibera who work with our dedicated volunteers. Together they provide hands on assistance and supervision while assessing the individuals' needs and progress. The ultimate goal is to assist integration into the workforce in hopes of generating income and to be contributing members of their family and their community. For those who are unable to be gainfully employed, we provide continuous support and structure to empower them to be productive in mind, body, and spirit. 

The students partake in community outings to places like the local monkey park, for example. These are experiences that some of our students would have never even known existed without New Beginnings. Being a person with disabilities can be complicated in a first world country, but unfortunately, in third world locations people with disabilities are looked down upon and even disowned. Our goal is to help give every human being we encounter a sense of "being," and to empower these individuals to have a new beginning in life and pursue purpose. Dignity can be restored when we work together to recognize one another as equals and as human. 

We are beyond proud of this project and are extremely appreciative for every staff member of the school and volunteer who has put their hearts and time into making this dream possible. We have a long way to go and many more lives to touch but we couldn't do it with out the support of our crew and volunteers who continue to devote their time and funds. New Beginnings is a non profit organization funded 100% by donations and volunteer involvement. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi

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