Its Sunday night and your flicking your finger through instagram itching with wanderlust as you double tap all the incredible places your Insta friends are traveling through. You find yourself fantasizing about your next dream destination and how quickly you can book a flight to the next big adventure. Now what if I told you that it is possible to go on your dream trip AND find a way to give back to this world all in one trip? Sounds too good to be true? Hear me out…By volunteering with New Beginnings- Maisha Iko sawa, you will be able to get a the true African experience as well as be able to be of service to individuals in need, in one for the world's largest slums, Kibera.

Here in Nairobi, Kenya, where you will find Kibera, you will be able to help an incredible population of individuals with special needs. During the week you can immerse yourself in Kenyan culture and spend your days working with our students in New Beginnings. You will be able to see what life is like in the slum and get to know all of our students and their families on a personal level. You may even be asked to join a family for tea in their home or be invited to an authentic kenyan meal. You can visit the local food and clothes markets after school all within walking distance from the school. Our staff will also take you for a tour through Kibera so you can see how large this slum really is and what life is like for all living in unfathomable poverty. The dynamics and energy change as you make your way through Kibera. It is an experience you will have engraved in your memory for life. I promise you, you will not leave Kibera or New Beginnings without knowing you have made a difference in this world. Seeking the journey is just the beginning.

On the weekends you will be able to go ride bikes through Hells Gate as giraffe and gazelle run right beside you. For the adventurous hikers out there, be sure to visit Nairobi's volcano, Mt Longonot, in the breathtaking Great Rift Valley.  It is located just a couple hours outside of the city and from here you can head over to Lake Naivasha where you can go visit the flamingos and hippos or even go for a kayak ride through the lake. If you find yourself ready to head out of town for long weekend, planning an epic African safari is a must! There is nothing more incredible that one of Masi Mara's, once in a lifetime, safari adventures. From here you will be able to go visit and spend the night with the Masai tribe and learn all about their culture and way of life. If you're brave enough and have a strong stomach, you can participate in one of the tribal rituals of drinking cows blood straight from the cow (don't worry no cows are seriously injured in this ritual). For all you ocean lovers that are starting to develop beach withdrawal have no fear, take a weekend to go visit some private secluded beaches in Lake Victoria or head to the coast to the beautiful sandy beaches of Mombasa. Maybe you only have the time for a quick day trip? You can visit Nairobi's monkey park, only located about 25 minutes out of town,  where you can play, feed, and relax in a beautiful park with the cute mischievous primates. Not to much further down the road is the Giraffe Center. Here, you can be up close and personal, and maybe even steal a kiss from one of Kenya's endangered Rothschild Giraffes.

So what are you waiting for?? Contact us below if you're interested in volunteering with New Beginnings and becoming apart of the lifelong New Beginnings family. We will then contact you with all the necessary information you will need to get started on your giving journey and what volunteering with us all entials. Thank you and we are excited to be apart of your next New Beginning.  Maisha Iko Sawa.


Photos from our volunteers!


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